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two xen images

Posted on 2007.08.25 at 13:46
got another 1gb of ram, let's just bring up two grimpenmires just because we can

copying /etc/xen/grimpenmire,

for the new mac address, changing 00 to 01 in the first byte makes it a locally assigned address

#vif = [ 'mac=00:16:3e:00:8e:0c' ]
vif = [ 'mac=01:16:3e:00:8e:0c' ]

and use uuidgen to make a new uuid http://wiki.xensource.com/xenwiki/XenIntro

uuid = "66ad99a7-307e-4494-84e8-50493aa201d7"

brought up machine ok, network no workee
did xm network-attach 9 ip= and brought it up on eth1 instead, dunno what's up with that

wierd, ram reported by "free" seems to drop in half after a while. Last week it said something low, I rebooted to get it up to 1gb, just now it said 1gb, I rebooted to get it to say 2gb.

[root@baskervillehall scripts]# free
             total       used       free     shared    buffers     cached
Mem:       1007616     994232      13384          0      14876     860488
-/+ buffers/cache:     118868     888748
Swap:       524280        124     524156
[root@baskervillehall scripts]# 
Broadcast message from root (console) (Sat Aug 25 14:33:16 2007):

The system is going down for reboot NOW!

Broadcast message from root (console) (Sat Aug 25 14:33:17 2007):

The system is going down for reboot NOW!
Read from remote host bvh: Connection reset by peer
Connection to bvh closed.
[kevin@irene:~]$ ssh bvh
Last login: Sat Aug 25 13:19:30 2007 from irene.goess.org
[kevin@baskervillehall ~]$ free
             total       used       free     shared    buffers     cached
Mem:       1928192     251492    1676700          0      14464     132552
-/+ buffers/cache:     104476    1823716
Swap:       524280          0     524280


On Vox: Bang! Bang! Maker WHOMP! Faire

Posted on 2007.05.20 at 09:03

I have now been to the San Mateo County Fairgrounds twice, and my overwhelming impression is that IT IS LOUD.  Once for the San Mateo County Fair (go figure), where somebody's idea of a good time was to line up a bunch of rental-rides next to each other on the scorching blacktop, turn the music for each ride all the way up to ten, and tune them all to different stations.  If the Russians ever capture me and submit me to that, I'll break in five minutes. 

The Maker Faire's approach to the same sensation was a little more creative: "Let's hook a robot up to a full Keith Moon Memorial drum kit and power it alternatively by a random number generator and a series of overstimulated six-year-olds, and put it between an arena where 500 lb. titanium robots are ramming each other and two giant Tesla coils winding up to arc across a fifty-foot gap.

I actually got to leave a message on our home voicemail that wasn't "Hi, hon, I'm leaving work now, be home in an hour."  I got to say "Hi, hon, we're staying for the second rocket launch at 4:30, so we'll be home later than I thought."  But poor Frank got so overwhelmed that he was nauseous and had to lay on the grass outside for half an hour before just climbing into the car and going home. And even there our ears were assaulted by an air compressor and a giant mechanical talking giraffe with a three word vocabulary. 

So we missed the second rocket launch, but we definitely made the first one.  I've wanted to do that since 1978, when Patrick Steiner would bring his Estes rocket catalogs to eighth grade and we'd drool over them together.


Frank had brought his own book to the fair, something he'd recently picked up at the school library, and carried it around and compared the robots on the floor to the ones in the book.  Very geeky.  I was proud.

The hamster wheel connected to the nose picker was very cool.

And I've successfully indoctrinated him with a strong sense of skepticism.  Or maybe our people just come with that.  Either way.


What really got his attention was an actual assembled copy of the biggest Lego kit ever, the Imperial Star Destroyer.  Someday.

After not throwing up on the grass, he managed to crawl back into the car.  The second time in a month I've done this to him.   Well, some weekends are for relaxing.

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On Vox: xpost test with lj

Posted on 2007.05.20 at 08:32

this is a test

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On Vox: crosspost test 2

Posted on 2006.12.01 at 14:30

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agnus horti

Posted on 2006.05.04 at 09:49
Here, this should make amends for that disgusting last post, a little lamb in the garden:


the Victorians were zombies

Posted on 2006.04.28 at 05:45
The most disgusting food name I've heard in the last year:


Cured herring, eaten by the Victorians for breakfast. A marketing tragedy, a name like that. Pretty hard to sell. Unless you're setting up a restaurant for zombies:

Our special today is bloaters with tepid nausea and a side of gangrene.

...would you like fries with that?


The Great San Francisco Earthquake and Fire

Posted on 2006.04.27 at 21:40
Lotta's fountain, given by the singer Lotta Crabtree to the City of San Francisco in 1875, used as a gathering place and cultural locus after the Great Earthquake of 1906, seen in the early morning light on the hundredth anniversay, April 18th, 2006.

Note the time is 6:16--at 5:12, The Moment, I was considerably further away. There were about six blocks of Market Street worth of people there.



Posted on 2006.04.20 at 16:01
Years ago a guy who we'll call Chuck (although that is his real name), got me into playing folk music, bluegrass at the time. He left California to run a restaurant/music hotspot in Maine. He left an ancient Ford Escort in California with a friend of mine, which was renamed "The Chuckmobile." I borrowed the Chuckmobile to drive to a folk music camp where I first met my wife. Chuck eventually got out of the restaurant and got a programming job at a place that sells white mice to genetic labs, changed genres to Irish music, and started playing seriously around Maine with an Irish fiddler. They're having a mini-West Coast tour, and tonight I'm going to hear them at the Kensington Circus pub. How's that for a complicated story?



Posted on 2006.04.13 at 21:38
Edmund couldn't quite see what they were eating, but it smelled lovely and he wasn't at all sure that he didn't see something like a plum pudding."

--C.S. Lewis

He was not sure that he did not see...eh, what?

Some GPS navigation system is directing drivers to an impassable road through a small town in North Yorkshire, and the locals are rather concerned for the drivers:

The drivers are going up and through the gate on to the gravel track.

"You can see it goes from Tarmac to the stones - and it's only just passable with 4x4s.

"But we get a lot of sales reps in posh cars coming and they get so cross."


wild irises in marin

Posted on 2006.04.12 at 22:39

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